The next station is #MissingLove. Transfer is available to the U and I trains.

It’s a classic NYC heartbreak story: you see someone on the subway, your eyes meet, and for a few seconds, you wonder if the two of you could spend a life together. Then, a door chimes and an announcement starts. You’ve made it to your stop, so you exit the train and you never think about that person again.

Unless you decide to get out there and hunt down your #MissingLove.

Picture of a poster advertising for someone's missing love on the subway, with a subway and the

A #MissingLove poster plastered in the center of the Columbus Circle subway station on Feb. 8, 2014. ©Katie Toth.

#MissingLove is an “art action” by Maria Luisa Portuondo Vila, who according to Twitter is a New York installation and performance artist. We don’t speak Spanish too well, but it looks like she’s part of an art collective called Laboratorio Escénsio Visual and has an education in theatre from the University of Chile. Vila’s posters, which according to her Facebook page were designed by Andy Dockett, were plastered through the city’s subway system, including at the 42nd Street , Delancey, and 14th Street stations.

We loved the concept of bringing a love story to life using virtual and physical space, so our reporter Katie Toth decided to ask whether this was fact or fiction. Vila responded on Twitter with the kind of answer you’d expect from an performance artist: she says that it’s “both! art and reality!” 

For now, take that answer however you like. And we’ll keep following this story, including trying to get an interview with Vila (please tweet us if you’d like to talk!) What do you think of Vila’s #MissingLove?

A poster designed to look like an MTA subway announcement asking viewers to help find someone's missed connection.

“Pay attention New York! This is about my heart” ©Katie Toth 2014



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